Not Just For Banks: You Can Start An ATM Business Too!

Did you know that you can start an ATM business yourself? It’s true. Did you think that only banks could have them? You’re not alone. The banks tend to keep this piece of information under wraps from individuals like you and me. It makes sense. They would be creating competition for themselves if the word ever got out that anyone can start their own profitable business.

So what is an ATM?
This stands for Automated Teller Machine. It’s a machine that you generally find at the banks for easy access to get your cash out, without having to stand in line for a live teller to help you. But these machines are found in other places too. Often you’ll find your local mini mart, or your gas station may have one on hand. Restaurants and other stores are starting to get on board with this new trend also. Having one of these in their store brings in more clients which tend to result in more sales.

How do I earn money?
When you start one of these businesses of your own, you earn money every time a customer uses the machine. Have you noticed that every time you use one yourself you have to pay a surcharge? That’s the money that the machine owner earns and sometimes shares with the business where it is located. It is a type of “profit sharing” for the business owner.

Pros and cons of the business
If you’re thinking about how to start this business yourself, there are some pros and cons to consider, but generally the pros hugely outweigh any cons you may encounter.

Let’s take a look at the cons first. You will have to load the machine with money yourself which takes your own time. Generally it only takes a few minutes to load, and you will find that you may only have to load the machine every week or two depending on its usage. So not bad for a con!

Now let’s look at some of the pros of beginning your own ATM business. There certainly are many. If you’ve ever invested in rental properties then you may become very intrigued by this investment alternative.

First of all, your machines earn you a small user surcharge fee every single time someone uses your machine. On average each machine, depending on location and clientele, earns anywhere between $100 to $900, each month. Add that up, the more machines you invest in, the more money you make until you can say good-bye to your day job and earn money even while you sleep.

Another great benefit of owning this type of business is that unlike real estate rental properties, there are no tenants to deal with. No defaulting rents. No toilets to fix!

To get your own company up and running is low cost as well. Instead of paying 10′s to 100′s of thousands of dollars to invest in real estate it will only cost you one to two thousand dollars to invest in your first machine. What this means, is that you’ll see a much higher return on your investment.

Be sure you do your homework thoroughly before you start this or any other business to make sure you fully understand how to make it a successful one.

Best Time To Start Your Own Small Business Is Now!

In a recent interview, Dave Ramsey, who was promoting his newest book, EntreLeadership, in which he discusses entrepreneurism and leadership said the best time to become an entrepreneur and start your own business is during a recession. In fact, he stated at one point that this may be the best time in the history of mankind for starting a small business.

One reason he believes this is because of the availability of free resources for reaching customers through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, etc. The Internet has made this all possible! Also, people are looking for more independent sources of income as they begin to wonder whether their jobs will be there tomorrow.

I agree with Dave Ramsey. I too, feel that now is the best time to start your own home business. My wife and I chose to start our own affiliate marketing home business last year and have never looked back. We receive a commission for promoting established online businesses. It is currently providing my family with monthly residual income, and the initial capital investment was far less than most other traditional or ‘brick and mortar’ businesses. With its 1.7 billion users, the Internet is a vast untapped resource with which to start your own business.

Many people shy away from starting a new business because of the stigma of the high cost involved. According to research, as Dave stated in the interview, 67% of all businesses started within the last year began with less than a $5,000 budget. He stated it is wise not to grow your business too quickly, but to take your time and be patient for growth. Another interesting fact Dave throws out is that approximately 80% of millionaires today are first generation millionaires, which means they are “self-made” millionaires. So don’t think you can’t do it, because you can!

This viewpoint is shared by many entrepreneurs, including Robert Kiyosaki and David Bach. I am currently reading the latest of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad books, Unfair Advantage. He encourages people to begin their own business. Not only that, he believes that becoming a direct sales network marketing affiliate is the perfect way to begin to learn the necessary skills of owning and running your own business. An online network marketing affiliate allows you several advantages over traditional business opportunities. Working as an affiliate, the start up costs are generally much lower than other traditional businesses and you can build your business as fast as you want. The cash flow generated is practically instantaneous. Through the mentoring process you will learn teamwork as you develop the necessary relationship skills.

Are you interested in starting your own business? I invite you to consider an affiliate marketing online business with smaller start up costs. It is a great way to begin to learn how to start and run your own business by being mentored through the process. Since you will be cooperating with established e-commerce sites, often times, you can start making commission immediately.

What Do The Olympics Have To Do With Your Business?

Not everyone is a sports fan, but everyone can be a fan of the Olympics. They are always full of stories of triumph, overcoming odds, and what it takes to be a champion.

And, if the opening ceremonies of the games don’t inspire you, well, I’m just not sure anything can or will. There is so much pageantry, preparation, and choreography. The artistic beauty, the coming together of countries – all in the name of sports and competition! It always seems magical to me.

That’s only the beginning of what happens as the games unfold. Favorites win, others are upset, unknowns come out of nowhere to win medals, injuries occur, stories develop, and it is the Olympics.

At this point you might be asking what does any of this have to do with business or marketing. A lot, I think, so let me share some of the parallels I see for just a minute or so.

First, most of us see the Olympics as a two week event that happens every four years. That’s because that’s what we see. For the athletes, it’s at least a four year event, and for some it encompasses their lifetimes.

Isn’t business sort of like that too? For many of us, on the outside, we see the glory of a business person, the accolades they get from others, we see them on stage speaking, and we think they were an overnight success. We too forget about their day-today struggles, the four years (or more) of preparation that it took for them to get where they are today. We only see what’s immediately in front of us, not all the hard work, dedication, and struggle it took to get there.

As I have said many times before, there are almost no overnight successes. We see it that way, but the entrepreneur knows what it took them to get there – just like the athlete standing on the medal platform.

Athletic success comes from hard work, training, drilling on fundamentals, strength training, flexibility, good nutrition, dedication, and a lot more.

Business success comes from hard work, planning, being flexible, following up, execution and implementation, and a lot more.

Athletes get injured and knocked out of competition sometimes. They have to then take time off while their bodies heal, spend time rehabilitating, and build their minds and bodies back up to competition level and beyond.

We all have down turns in our businesses. Sometimes we have to take some time away to regroup and get back on track. Things happen in our businesses that create challenges for us that we have to deal with and solve, so we can get back on track and be profitable again.

A business associate of mine, just recently found out he had an employee stealing from him and it almost caused his business to shut down, but he’s back on his feet now, rebuilding, making changes and adjustments, and is going to come out on the other end better than before.

We may not be competing for World or Olympic Records in our businesses, but we’re always competing to get better, to grow, to add new products and services, and to make money by making a positive difference in our client’s lives.

There are many lessons that can be taken from athletics in general, specifically from the Olympic Games, and applied to our everyday and business lives.

I hope you will take some time to enjoy the Olympic spirit and ideals during the next couple weeks and well beyond that into the future – in everything you do.